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Overplugged - Best Motherboard DDR3

We have all heard of the term “motherboard,” but have you ever wondered what it is? The Motherboard is a primary section of a computer. A central board connects all the other parts of a computer together.

Further, if a motherboard fails, you lose everything. Thus, a motherboard has a significant impact on the performance and stability of a computer.

Best Motherboard ddr3 is a memory module used in the computer system. Besides, it is a type of memory that a system uses in order to store data.

Best Motherboard DDR3 | Our Top Picks

  1. Wlizedle DDR3 RAM 16GB Kit – Great Performance
  1. MACHINIST LGA 1150 Motherboard – 32 GB Memory
  1. JGINYUE H97 LGA 1150 Motherboard – High-Definition Multimedia
  1. Hoped Desktop Computer Motherboard – Four Memory Slots
  1. Desktop PC Motherboard, DDR3 Motherboard – Advance Power Saving Function

1. Wlizedle DDR3 RAM 16GB Kit

Wlizedle DDR3 16GB RAM Kit(2x8GB) features the latest high speed and stability performance with a standard CL11 specification. You can pick the RAM from 1066 to 2400Mhz. But the normal 2400Mhz is most suitable for high-end desktops.

Aside from offering excellent performance and efficiency, a kit is also convenient and easy to use.

The small footprint and package are together with an aluminum heat spreader. It enables faster and more efficient heat waste from each module so that runs at high clock speeds.

Wlizedle DDR3 RAM 16GB Kit features a sturdy and high-quality aluminum heat spreader. It helps with fast heat waste and reduces the number of power failures due to overheating.

Besides allowing high clock speeds, the aluminum heat spreader also consumes minimal power. So that they can run efficiently and consistently without causing damage to a computer.

The heat spreader also helps to keep your components more relaxed and quieter. It reduces noise, extending the lifespan of your components.

For Windows users, upgrade their PC memory to 16GB. You will experience smooth multitasking and increased productivity in applications. Like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Paint Shop Pro.


  • Great performance
  • Convenience    
  • Affordable   


  • 16 GB memory

2. MACHINIST LGA 1150 Motherboard

The H81 is a high-performance, high-capacity Intel® Motherboard. Gaming, video editing, and content creation enthusiasts can enjoy high-performance and digital fun.

MACHINIST LGA 1150 Motherboard gives users more choice and flexibility for their PCs with features. Such as support for DDR4-2666, Intel Rapid Storage Technology, and up to 12 PCIe Gen3 lanes for high-end expansion.

Moreover, the LGA1150 socket, the next generation of the LGA 1155 socket, comes with the LGA 1155-based motherboards. The LGA1150 socket has based on the 22nm technology with a new die size.

Compared with the LGA 1155 socket, the LGA 1150 socket has improved thermal and electrical performance. Such as the power distribution layer (PDL), voltage regulator module (VRM), etc.

As a result, the LGA 1150 socket comes to meet the demands of the high-performance and high-power system. With the LGA 1150 socket, the platform has changed dramatically.

Intel’s LGA 1150-based motherboards support the latest CPUs, including the Intel® Core™ i7-4790K and the Intel Core™ i5-4590T.

With the H81, you get the ultimate performance and stability. The M.2 slot is fully optimized for high-speed data transfer with the highest possible transfer speed of PCI Express Gen 3.

As a result, it can increase the performance of graphic cards, storage drives, and other devices.


  • Flexibility    
  • 32 GB memory
  • Stability   


  • Bit expensive

3. JGINYUE H97 LGA 1150 Motherboard

The latest technology in the motherboard market, the H97 M-ATX motherboard is designed and constructed precisely. So you’ll enjoy a sound and reliable computing environment.

Dual-channel DDR3 memory slots onboard support up to 32GB of DDR3 memory. In the end, you’ll enjoy a fabulous and faster performance.

Moreover, a motherboard supports four memory banks and has a bandwidth of 16GB/s.

The high-performance Gigabit Ethernet NIC interfaces help to maximize your system’s networking performance. Also, giving you the ability to transfer large files and games over the Internet quickly.

In addition, the Ultimate Audio Features and USB 3.0 interface ensure you can enjoy a more efficient multimedia experience.

Gaming enthusiasts and computer enthusiasts will enjoy the motherboard because of its amazing computing performance and reliability. It has a full range of components, including high-quality DDR3 memory, a graphics card, and a powerful Intel processor.

JGINYUE H97 LGA 1150 Motherboard has a solid construction and provides excellent connectivity for high-definition multimedia and digital data transmissions.

With the best gaming performance and outstanding reliability, a JGINYUE H97 motherboard is a worthy choice.

The new Intel Pentium G4400 series motherboard offers incredible performance, outstanding stability, and stunning visuals.

It is built for gamers and eSports enthusiasts and is optimized for Intel Core and i3/i5 processors. It is the perfect choice for enthusiasts looking to create or enhance their PC systems.


  • Dual memory slots
  • High-definition multimedia
  • Stable power supply


  • Bit expensive

4. Hopcd Desktop Computer Motherboard

The desktop computer motherboard has been the foundation of most computers.

Hopcd Desktop Computer Motherboard is designed and manufactured by Hopcd. 

With high quality and good price support, the new desktop computer motherboard is compatible with mainstream motherboards. It Provides a reliable foundation for all desktop computers.

In addition, a desktop computer motherboard with a 2TB hard drive and 1GB memory adopt the Intel Core i7-4790K processor and the ASUS Z97-M WS motherboard.

Hopcd Desktop Computer Motherboard is equipped with four RAM slots and four memory slots. These allow users to use ordinary and server memory simultaneously, the frequency of which is 1066, 1333, 1600, and 1866 MHz.

High stability, stable performance, and beautiful appearance are characteristics of this desktop motherboard. It is suitable for desktop computers and other small-scale computers.


  • Four memory slots
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Stable performance


  • Suitable for small-scale computers

5. Desktop PC Motherboard, DDR3 Motherboard

Intel’s B75 series chipset with a high-speed transmission chip powers the new desktop PC’s motherboard. It brings the motherboard design to a new level of capability and credibility.

The Desktop PC Motherboard, DDR3 Motherboard, comes with an advanced power-saving function and the standard ATX 12V power supply. Also, the 12V power supply of the system can switch to DC 12V power.

Besides the power supply, you can configure the following three power-saving modes:

Power-off mode: After power is off. The CPU can still wake up at the click of a button, can turn off, and reduce energy consumption.

Auto-Saving Mode: The power supply auto-turns on and off the power supply according to the operation of the computer. And you can turn the power supply off according to the preset time of energy conservation.

Standby Mode: The power supply turns off, and the computer turns off automatically after a preset time for energy conservation.

The BIOS can power on the CPU and RAM. And the computer is self-reset and has a standby function. Also, the motherboard is also not required to restart the computer.


  • High performance
  • Multiple expansion slots
  • Advanced power-saving function


  • 8 GB memory

Things You Need to Consider Before Best Motherboard DDR3

If you are planning to buy a new laptop or desktop PC for your home use. It might seem strange that you would need to buy a motherboard.

A motherboard is a crucial part of the system as it manages the flow of power supply to the computer components.

So, the Motherboard you choose must have well-designed to meet your needs. Therefore, let us go through a few tips about choosing the best Motherboard for your home PC.

If you are buying the motherboard for the first time. You need to have some preparation before doing anything.

You should understand the specifics of the Motherboard, and then you can buy it. First, let’s look at some aspects.

Number of RAM Slots

How many memory slots does your Motherboard have? If you have two or more, that indicates better motherboard performance. 

It would mean that the Motherboard could support more RAM slots. So it can handle memory with faster access speeds.

Overplugged - fastest ddr3 motherboard

Dual Channel Architecture

When it comes to the Channel Architecture, It means that the Motherboard can handle up to two channels of memory. As a result, it enhances the race and efficacy of your Motherboard.

CPU Socket

Some motherboards support only one type of CPU. These are called single-channel. They are the most straightforward motherboard designs. If you have a single-channel motherboard, you will be limited to a single CPU type.

You can choose from two, four, and even eight-core CPUs for multi-channel motherboards. It means that your Motherboard can handle any available CPU.

Video Card

It is the main factor of all graphic cards. Here are three main designs: AGP, PCI, and PCIe.

You can find these on almost every Motherboard that you can buy today.


In the motherboard category, some people buy the first one they find that has the needed features. 

So, in case you want to buy one, make sure you know what you need and why. You can find all the possible motherboard brands on this page.


Since we are talking about a motherboard, we cannot neglect the important aspect of reliability. For example, you should buy a board compatible with the components you plan to buy.

Also, a motherboard with a more extended warranty period is better.

Processor Type

It would help if you had a clear idea about the system’s processor you want to buy. Many types of processors are available. And you must know which type is suitable for you.

For instance, you can opt for a Core 2 Duo or a Pentium D 930 MHz. Yet, these CPUs are not the same, and you need to consider the computer’s purpose before buying it.

A desktop computer can do fine with a P4 or AMD processor. But if you plan on using your computer for gaming, you must buy something with a Pentium D 930 MHz or higher.

Overplugged - best ddr3 motherboard 2022


Memory is essential for the performance of the system. Yet, there are different types of memory on the market. And you need to find out which type suits your requirements best.

For example, you can get 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB of DDR3 memory. Again, choose the memory size according to what kind of work you are doing with the computer.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are one of the essential parts of the computer. Thus, you must know the type and amount of graphics card you will use.

Further, the graphics card handles the system’s graphics processing. Most of the cards on the market today come in two varieties.

Overplugged - best ddr3 motherboard and cpu

You can get the integrated type. It means that the graphics card comes into the Motherboard itself, and you can get a dedicated one. Integrated graphics cards are better, but they have lower prices.

Are you looking for a reasonable price? If yes, you should opt for a dedicated card.


The motherboard is quite large. Most motherboards today are more significant than the size of the Motherboard. It is why a smaller motherboard can cost a lot more. To save money, you should avoid a motherboard with a considerable size but a small size.


The RAM is the type of memory that is used to store data. You can divide RAM into different types based on price and performance. So, always ensure you know which type you want before buying.

Overplugged - 6th gen motherboard ddr3


A motherboard is not limited to providing the system with the most storage capacity. It also determines the overall performance of the computer. So, make sure you choose a motherboard that has the best performance you can afford.


The chipset is a set of chips that connects the Motherboard to the CPU. It needs to have the best available chipset for ideal computer performance. A powerful chipset usually makes the system more responsive.

Overplugged - ddr3 motherboard with processor

Power Supply

Motherboards and CPUs are powered by the power supply. The system will stop functioning if the power supply has no proper power. So, make sure you buy a PSU that has a good capacity.

Overplugged - motherboard ddr3 intel

No Heat Issues

Heat can affect the performance of the computer. It can result in damage to your CPU and other components. So, you need to be careful about heat management and choose a motherboard with a low-power design.

Storage Matters a Lot

It is another vital aspect of choosing a motherboard. There are times when you want to expand the storage on your system. To have the ability to do that, you will need to choose a motherboard that you can expand.


You should consider the price first. It is because you might be paying less than other systems.

The fact that you will be spending more time doing the installation work and that the motherboard will have to be changed. 

So, make sure you have chosen a motherboard that is according to your budget and has all the features you need.

Overplugged - best ddr3 ram

Top Selling Brands of Best Motherboard DDR3

  • ASUS
  • MSI
  • Gigabyte
  • Intel
  • ASRock
  • NZXT
  • EVGA
  • AMD
  • Dell

Final Thought

Finally, you should know that the best motherboard depends on your needs and computer use. If you are a game lover, you should pick a motherboard with many RAM slots.

It would help if you also chose a motherboard with an excellent video card. In case you’re a game lover, you should pick a motherboard with a sound WiFi card.


1. What is a power cable?

A power cable is a cord that connects the power supply to the Motherboard.

2. What is DDR3?

DDR3 is a type of memory that you can use on computers. It’s a higher speed than the previous generation of memory.

3. Distinguish between DDR3 and DDR4?

The difference between DDR3 & DDR4 is that DDR3 is the previous generation of memory, while DDR4 is the next generation.

4. How much should I pay for a motherboard?

You can pay anywhere from $30 to $6.

5. What is a power supply?

The power supply is a gadget that gives power to your computer.

6. What is the Best Motherboard ddr3?

Best Motherboard is a brand of motherboards that ASUS makes.


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