How to Test if Motherboard is Dead | Easy Guide 2022

The motherboards are vital components of every computer, especially laptops. If the motherboard goes wrong, it will render the computer useless. 

In the case of desktop computers, replacing them will cost you a fortune. So, before you buy a new laptop, you must check its motherboard. You can use a few tests to check the motherboard.

Are you facing a problem with your silicon chip? Do you have doubts about whether it is the motherboard or not? 

Today I will give you some simple and best tips for How to Test if Motherboard is Dead. Read the article carefully for the best details.

You should take care of the motherboard because it is the heart of your computer. If the motherboard is damaged, then it can’t work correctly. So make sure you don’t use your laptop and desktop computer without any warranty.

Here’s a list of tests that will allow you to know if the motherboard is faulty or not:

How to Test if Motherboard is Dead – Experts Tips to Check the Motherboard

Here are some best tips to check if the motherboard is dead:

Solder Points Color

Check for the color of the solder points. If the solder points are red or black, then it means that the motherboard is defective. If the solder points are white, then it means that the motherboard is excellent.

Check the Connectors

If the motherboard is damaged, it will show signs in the connectors. The motherboard will be showing a burnt smell, and it will be producing heat. It is because all the connectors will be loose and unable to attach correctly.

Turn the Power On

After checking the CPU, look for the power button on the motherboard and make sure it is switched on. Turning it on indicates that the motherboard is functioning correctly.

Check the Temperature Sensor

A motherboard has an internal temperature sensor that detects the machine’s temperature. If the temperature is abnormal, it means that the motherboard is defective.


Memory is another PC component that connects the motherboard and the CPU. If your motherboard has malfunctioned, then there is a possibility that your memory might also be damaged. So, you need to consider the situation of RAM.


The processor is a vital part of the PC. It is an essential part of the motherboard responsible for executing the instructions written by the software. If your motherboard is dead, then your processor may also be dead. So, you should focus on the situation of the processor.

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Check The Lights

The lights on the motherboard should usually work. If not, then your motherboard is not functioning well.

Power On With The Battery

People often ignore the power switch off the computer, but sometimes you need to turn on the power with the battery. So, it would help if you turned on the laptop or desktop by connecting the battery.

If the motherboard is usually working, then it will start automatically. However, if the motherboard is dead, the computer will not start and will remain on the boot screen.

Check if the Fan is Making a Noise

There are many ways to check if the fan is making a noise. But for that, you need to make an observation. You can do this by placing the ear near the motherboard and listening to the noise. If the sound is different from before, then the motherboard is dead.

Power Supply Test

A power supply test is the best way to know whether the motherboard is dead. If you can hear the motherboard when turning on the power supply, then there is a big chance that the motherboard is dead.

Turn off the Power Switch

If you can hear the clicking sound when you turn on your computer, it is evident that the power switch is okay. 

However, if you can hear no clicking sound or it has become silent, you must take your motherboard to the computer shop as it is dead.

Check the Hard Drive Connection

Your hard drive can be either internally or externally mounted. If you can’t see any disk drive while connecting your SATA cable to the motherboard, you need to take your motherboard to the computer shop.

Slow Performance

If the performance of your PC is getting slow and the speed of the CPU is almost zero, then you need to change the motherboard. The prime cause is that the CPU is linked directly to the silicon chip. As the motherboard is dead, you will see the performance of your PC will slow down dramatically.

Final Words

In the end, when a motherboard is not working correctly, it will cause your computer to freeze, crash, or stop working. To prevent this, you should check if the circuit board is dead. By applying these ways you can find out whether the motherboard is dead or not.


1. What should I do to test if a motherboard is dead?

You’ll switch off the power to the motherboard and then turn it back on again. If the motherboard is not working, it will turn itself back on.

2. How long should I wait before trying to replace the motherboard?

The longer you wait, the more likely you will fix the motherboard.

3. What should I consider when buying a new silicon chip?

Look for a motherboard with a solid power supply.

4. How can I check if a circuit board is dead?

When you switch the power on, the motherboard will light up. If the silicon chip is dead, it will not light up.

5. What should I do if I’m replacing a motherboard?

It would help if you disconnected the power from the motherboard and turned it back on.

6. Is there any way to know if I need a new motherboard?

You should see the circuit board to see if it has cracks or corrosion.

7. What do I need to do if I find my circuit board dead?

You’ll call an expert to come and fix it.

8. How can I test if the circuit board is dead?

You should switch off the energy supply to the motherboard and then turn it back on again. If the motherboard is not working, it will turn itself back on.

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