How to Tell if Motherboard is Fried | An Expert Guide 2022

Overplugged - How to Tell if Motherboard is Fried

Do you know about the motherboard? It is a central processing unit of your computer, an integrated component that connects the memory modules, hard disk, power supply, keyboard, and other essential components. 

The motherboard has multiple connections, which include a USB port, audio jack, video card port, IDE connector, FireWire port, etc.

Further, if you are searching for a way to know whether your motherboard is fried or not, then you can open the laptop, and you will know everything. It is an effortless thing. 

if you are searching for How to Tell if Motherboard is Fried or not, Then in this article, I will help you to know details about your motherboard.

All you need to do is to open the laptop and check whether the screen is broken or not. You’ll see the two options of whether the motherboard is fried or not.

If you haven’t replaced it, it is time to buy a new motherboard. It is a grave issue if you are getting some warning messages while using the system or if it is not responding. 

A damaged motherboard can create issues in the system, making it hard for you to use the laptop.

Overplugged - how to know if CPU or motherboard is broken

More so, if you have already changed your motherboard, you don’t need to tense. It indicates that the motherboard is still intact. So, to determine whether the motherboard is fried, you should look at the screen.

In case you want to know the difference between a fried and a good motherboard, then we will discuss below following things.

Foremost, you’ll see the difference between a fried motherboard and a good one. A fried motherboard is where you see smoke coming from the back of your computer.

What are the Signs of Motherboard Frying?

In case the motherboard is fried, then there will be a lot of problems, and the motherboard is probably a reason for it. It can show you an error code you can check through the motherboard. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is better to consult a technician to help you.

How To Tell If Motherboard Is Fried | Step-by-Step Guide

The motherboard is a vital component of a PC. Unfortunately, if any hardware problems occur within the motherboard, it can damage your system severely.

As the motherboard is the central unit that holds the electronic parts inside the case, it has a very critical role in the overall performance of your system.

Here are the signs that will indicate if your motherboard is fried and need a replacement;

Powered Supply isn’t Enough

Suppose your power supply is insufficient to provide electricity to your motherboard. In that case, the CPU (central processing unit) and your RAM (random access memory) will fail to function correctly. As a result, your PC will not able to start.

High Noise Level 

The fans and heat can generate noise from the motherboard. If the noise level is abnormally high, the motherboard is malfunctioning.

The Appearance of Blue Screen

If a blue screen appears on the screen, your computer has lost the connection with the motherboard. There is a problem with the motherboard. You will lose all the data saved on your hard disk, and your system will require immediate replacement.

Overplugged - fried motherboard

Short Circuit

A short circuit is an electronic problem with a short circuit between the wires. If a short circuit occurs, you will lose all the information that save in your system.


When the motherboard is overheated, it will lead to the malfunctioning of the internal components. If you notice the heating of the board, then quickly switch off your device.

Computer not Starting

You have a motherboard problem if your computer doesn’t start. This is because when the computer starts, the CPU fan usually spins faster than before. However, if the fan spins too fast or isn’t turning, you must replace the motherboard.

CPU Fan not Turning

In this case, it means that the CPU temperature is too high. The cause behind this is that the CPU fan is not spinning. Therefore, you need to replace the motherboard immediately.

Overplugged - motherboard failure

CPU Temperature is Very High

In this case, the CPU temperature is very high. It is usually above 90 degrees. That’s why the CPU fan is spinning very fast, and it is almost making no noise.

Faulty Memory Slots

In this case, the memory cards are loose. You can easily remove the memory card and find a tiny screw at the back of the card. Now, unscrew it, and you can see the actual memory card.

Chips in the Motherboard

In this case, the chips are damaged. The motherboard contains these tiny circuit components. The chips are vital for the system’s operation, and it is dangerous to have faulty chips in the motherboard. This case requires the replacement of the entire motherboard.

Bad USB Ports

In this case, the USB ports are damaged. They are the ports for connecting USB drives, keyboards, mice, etc. There are small switches near the USB ports; when they open, you can use the corresponding port. However, if they are closed, you will be unable to connect the device.

Overplugged - how to check if motherboard is receiving power

Bad Optical Drive

It is the most common issue among people. Usually, we connect the optical drive to the motherboard, so if it is not connected, you need to replace it.

Over to You

In short, you should check the power supply first. A fried Motherboard is likely to occur if it’s not functioning correctly. Second, you need to consider the CPU. Suppose the processor fan is spinning up. It’s probably OK. If not, it’s probably not.


1. Are there any signs of a fried motherboard?

Symptoms of a fried motherboard are slow or no response to the power button, the screen will not turn on, the computer will not boot up, or it will just shut down.

2. Is there any way to tell if a motherboard is fried?

If a motherboard is fried, the power supply can tell you. If it has a blown fuse, then the motherboard is fried.

3. What should I do if my motherboard is fried?

If your motherboard is fried, you must buy a new one.

4. Do I need to take my motherboard apart?

No, you don’t need to take your motherboard apart.

5. What can I do to save my motherboard?

If you want to save your motherboard, you must buy a new one.

6. Can I fix my motherboard myself?

Yes, you can repair your motherboard yourself.

7. Do I need to replace my motherboard?

If you don’t know how to repair your motherboard, you will need to buy a new one.

8. How to tell if the motherboard is fried?

It’s easy. When the motherboard is fried, you will hear a loud buzzing sound.

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