How To Fix Dead RAM Slots | Easy Guide 2022

Overplugged - How To Fix Dead RAM Slots

This article will tell you how to identify dead RAM slots in your computer. If you face a situation where you are not able to boot your Windows OS. In this article, I will tell you how to identify and how to fix dead RAM slots in your computer.

Fixing Dead Ram Slots | How to Find the Cause & Fix it

A RAM slot is one of the most important parts of your motherboard. It is responsible for holding the memory modules which are used by your operating system. The more RAM slots you have, the more memory you can add to your computer, and therefore, the more you can fit in.

However, if you are not careful, the slots can easily get damaged. In some cases, the damage can be minor, and you can easily fix it yourself. However, if the damage is severe, you may require the help of a professional. This guide will tell you how to do this simple repair.

 ram slot repair cost

How to Find the Cause & Fix It

if  you are facing lag issues on your pc or your RAM slot is not working anymore, then you are at the right place I will tell you how you can know if your ram slot is dead or any minor issue

And  if you are facing issues, then it could be any problems with your motherboard, or its time to get a new motherboard; before you change your motherboard, you must research the problem

the main reason behind the motherboard RAM slot not working due to dust particles.

RAM Slots are also replaceable, but I personally recommend you do not try this if you have no proper knowledge of soldering because parts are available in stores it can only be recommended for professionals if you try this without any experience it can cause more damage to your motherboard. Then you have to change your motherboard.

so, if your pc is not working well or you have already changed your RAM then you should check the RAM slot on your motherboard otherwise you should identify the reason behind your pc problems.

 replace ram slot on motherboard

How to know RAM slot is not working | How To Fix Dead Ram Slots

The easiest way to identify a Dead RAM slot

  • Step 1: Open your pc case
  • Step 2: Unplug every component
  • Step 3: Check your motherboard ram slot if it has dust or a broken slot or
  • You can check the pins if pins are bent. Also, your RAM can be faulty.
 ram slots 1 and 2 not working

NOW Fix It With Ease:

First You can check through your os (operating system) just open your pc case then check the RAM slot then remove Memory from the slot after this turn on your pc > right-click on my computer >go to properties >check for memory if detected or not.

And if your ram slot is dusted just clean it with a soft brush then plug in your memory again then turn on your pc if that was the problem then your dead RAM Slot starts working again.

Having dust particles on the motherboard and this type of issue is common in pc.

So, you should clean your pc a timely it requires little maintenance.

ram only works in one slot


Can the RAM slot be replaced?

The RAM slot on most computers is no longer a standard size of 16MB. This means that it is not a standard replacement slot for most motherboards.

If the slot is damaged or missing, then it can usually be replaced or repaired by the motherboard manufacturer or an authorized service center.

What does the color coding on RAM slots mean?

On most motherboards, the memory chips are color-coded with the corresponding colors. The red ones are for RAM, the black ones are for ROM (firmware), and the white ones are for CMOS (system BIOS).

does switching the ram to another slot damage the ram?

Yes, it will void your warranty and possibly render your machine useless. If you have not backed up your files, be prepared to lose them all.


Fixing a dead RAM slot can be done in many different ways. It’s not uncommon for this to happen. It’s not always a huge problem. But if your computer is freezing up, you might have to look into it.

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