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Overplugged - Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming

Since the video game industry has evolved over the last decade. Still, we’re seeing big changes and innovations occurring on a regular basis. So does the motherboard still matter for gaming? 

In today’s gaming world, where everything is about “game lovers” and “gaming.” Or consoles have on the industry and the community.

As a game lover myself, I always seek to improve my gaming experience. But after a recent debate with a friend about the top-notch consoles. I came to the conclusion it’s more to gaming than just the hardware.

One of the top questions asked by Game Lovers! “Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming?”

So, the answer is straightforward: No motherboard isn’t a need for Gaming. The main purpose of this panel is to connect other components such as IDE controllers, RAM slots, CPU chipsets, and so forth. 

Although it indirectly affects the overall Gaming experience.

Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming?-What is Motherboard?

Let’s talk about what a motherboard is first. All the other components of the PC are linked to the motherboard.

In general, a motherboard is made of many different pieces that connect to each other. This is usually done with little holes in the motherboard. There is a metal post that connects each hole to another hole. Some holes have several posts connecting them to other holes.

Meanwhile, these ports usually connect to the pins of the other components. You can link all the components of your computer through it. Sometimes they are made of plastic, but they aren’t really that important.

Does Motherboard Affect FPS & Gaming Experience?

We often hear stories of video game enthusiasts replacing their motherboards. Just because the chips inside them stop working.

Even so, it is very essential that you have a good and sturdy motherboard for a great gaming experience. You don’t want one that will break after 1-2 years of playing video games. That’s why you need a motherboard that won’t break.

Role of FPS in Gaming

No matter what type of Motherboard is installed on the PC. Since frame rate is mostly determined by RAM and graphics card. It will not increase the FPS (Frames Per Second).

But what you will want to look for in a motherboard is a socket that has a lot of pins. This is because there must be a lot of current flowing through it. The faster the current can move through the motherboard, the more FPS you can expect.

In contrast, a motherboard with fewer pins will have slower currents, and this can make your game lag. Another thing you should look for is a socket that has high-speed chips.

Which component runs the Game smoothly?

In order to play games at the highest level, you will need a good graphics card. The faster your current moves through the motherboard, the more FPS you will get. As a result, you enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Therefore, it is vital to choose a graphics card that has high performance. The modern and most efficient card you can get will enable your PC to run faster. Also, how much RAM you can install is discussed further.

What is the difference between a PC Motherboard and Console Motherboard?

Usually, there are two kinds of motherboards. One is a PC Motherboard and the second is a Console Motherboard. The Console motherboard is the one that you usually find in consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, or PS Vita. These motherboards are designed to handle the games you play on the console.

In contrast, a PC motherboard is used to make your computer. You can connect your PC to a console motherboard. And not only you can play games but can do editing, streaming & tons of other tasks at the same time.

Choosing the Best Motherboard for Your Gaming PC

Overplugged - does motherboard matter for gpu

When selecting a healthy motherboard, there are many factors to check. One thing that counts a lot is the overclocking potential. There are many aspects to examine in a motherboard for Gaming. Here are a few of the most important specifications you should pay attention to.

Features & Other Aspects

As a game lover, it’s essential to know what matters to you when buying a game. For example, if you’re a huge Call of Duty fan, you’re going to want to know how hard the game is. 

Similarly, If you’re a big Fallout 4 player, you’re going to be looking at different versions. Is it the PC version? Is it the console version? Or maybe you’d like to have both the PC and console versions for convenience?

After that, consider the game type and look at the features Motherboard offers. Some motherboards will have features like SATA support, USB ports, onboard graphics, etc. It means you can add those to your computer once the Motherboard is installed. Let’s discuss some features that you should consider for gaming.

  1. Overlocking

Overclocking is a technique where the processor is thrust to its limits to get better results. It enables the user to get better performance from the processor and increase the overall performance.

  1. Motherboard Compatibility

The next thing to look for is the motherboard’s compatibility. The reason is that it will help you choose the right size of the processor and Motherboard. Along with this, It will also help you choose the memory type you want to use.

  1. Expansion Ports

There are a lot of expansion slots/ports on a motherboard, so it is vital to check each one. The reason behind this is that each space has a different purpose.

  1. Motherboard Size

Moving towards the next thing that is the size of the board. It is also essential to check the size of the Motherboard. Some motherboards are smaller than others, while some are larger. But it depends upon the amount of space it takes.

  1. CPU speed

In the Motherboard, you must check the speed of the CPU. It should be higher than 3.4 GHz. If a Pc doesn’t install with a high-speed processor, then you can buy a better CPU. Market-available processors can easily manage gaming and other tasks.

  1. RAM size

In order to determine RAM size, it is essential to check it. The best memory to be used in a gaming system is 16 GB. If you use a lower RAM, then it will result in laggy performance. You can also install customized RAM on the slots according to the need.

  1. Memory slots

In case you want to add on the volatile memory, check your motherboard’s memory slots. Most good and robust motherboards are qualified with a lot of memory slots. You can look at the full amount of memory that you can add.

  1. Graphics Cards

Do you know that a PC with a top graphics card will play at a higher resolution (frame rate)? But if your graphics card is low-end, then it won’t be able to provide you with a satisfactory frame rate.

Likewise, you must install a premium graphics card to play games on a Laptop. You can check the number of slots that Motherboard has. So, you can install many graphic cards on your Laptop.

Lastly, the motherboard you use should have the latest technology. It should have high-speed chips and a socket that has a lot of pins. Also, analyze what kind of graphics card you are installing to use.

Lifetime of Motherboard

Well, the durability of a Motherboard is dependent on how the user utilizes the Motherboard. There is another thing that is very important: the maintenance of their computer systems. In most cases, an average motherboard has a lifetime of 20 years or more. But replacing the motherboards is a rare case for a regular user.

Tips to Increase the Life of a Motherboard

You can increase its lifespan by implementing these tips below:

Cool Temperature

Whether human or machine, keeping the brain cool for both is essential to get stable performance. You can put some small fans that help to reduce the heat in the CPU.

You can install 4, 120mm fans on the motherboard. It will cool down the entire system.

In order to avoid the heat, you can also use some good thermal paste between the CPU and the Motherboard. But don’t forget to clean the fans once a week and always install them in the right direction.


The Motherboard routes the electricity from the power supply to every component. It also allows communication with the CPU. All components, including the PS, will not communicate properly if the board is old or dusty.

As a result, a dangerous amount of heat is built up, which could damage the circuit boards. So, what to do to avoid it? You can use air to blow out the dust, and small particles. Also, you can use a cotton swab wet in alcohol to remove stubborn dirt.

Note: Don’t directly spray any liquid on any component.

Use Electricity Breaker

Individuals who often face high or low electricity voltages in their home areas can harm PCs. Integrate an Emergency Electric Breaker, which shuts down the power and prevents any kind of damage.

Use Right Power Supply Cable

An average PC needs 200-300 watts to run. To supply the power it needs, your Motherboard has an AC to DC adapter or power supply. As a result, AC input will be converted to DC.

An essential thing that I want you to know is that, If the output overflows, it can overload the Motherboard and destroy it.

Your computer could be permanently damaged if this happens, making it impossible to function. A PSU failure is evident by the amount of noise it makes, the lights turning off randomly, and the fact that it can no longer boot properly.

Lastly, change out the unit as soon as you identify some problems before you go through total failure and damage to your Motherboard. 


In conclusion, the Motherboard matter for gaming and is the heart of any gaming PC. While its output will affect overall performance. You can build a gaming PC using the cheapest parts. Or you’ll get better performance from a more expensive system. So, it’s up to your pocket to choose the capacity of components.


What is a motherboard?

A motherboard is the computer’s main board, which connects the processor, memory, video card, sound card, and other components.

Can I buy a used motherboard?

Yes, you can buy second-hand motherboards. But buy the one which is in good condition.

What is SLI in Motherboard?

SLI stands for “symmetric multi-graphics.” This technology allows you to use multiple video cards at once. SLI is a good idea if you want to run two or more video cards at the same time.

What is HDMI in a Motherboard?

HDMI stands for “high definition multimedia interface.” It is a technology that makes it possible to connect a computer to a television, monitor, or projector.

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