Are You Overplugged?

A Quick Quiz to Determine Your Reliance on Technology

Take this simple 10-item quiz to see if your connection to technology is creating disconnection in your life.

If you answered YES to more than four of these questions, you might benefit from going on a digital diet and making some small, but powerful, changes in your relationship to technology. Are you overplugged? If so, you may need a reminder to Plug Back into Life

Copyright, 2013. Dr. David Greenfield and David Ryan Polgar, JD.

1 thought on “Are You Overplugged?”

  1. larrywinnick said:

    I am retired from Verizon Wireless and have enjoyed watching the growth and prosperity of a well run company. They, along with ATT, and Sprint, have created the foundation for a new wave of communication. In doing so, however, they have caused a misconception of what being a “friend” really means. This, too, has lead to a new form of isolationism that eliminates the balance that “face-to-face” relationships offer. Our own definition of our importance is no longer gauged by our accomplishments or by our friends, but rather the number of “friends” we have or the number of text sent on any given day. I no longer enjoy a voice conversation with my children or friends. When I call and leave a message I get a text response. Are they too busy? No longer know what to say? Or have they become socially inept. I don’t know. But clearly we need to get back to basics. By the way, this Web page allows me to “Share This:” with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Hmmm! Doesn’t this raise an interesting observation.

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